Age and general etiquette

We welcome players and spectators of all ages with a few general stipulations.  All minors (age 13 and under) must be in the care of a parent or adult guardian for the duration of their visit at the convention.  While attendance and participation will be very safe, we must remind parents and guardians that the safety of their children is their responsibility.  The majority of the games are strategic and more “thought oriented” than historic games like “Sorry!”, “Life”, or “Battleship” so game masters will follow the age limit recommendations on the games, and may require players under the age of 14 to be accompanied by an adult.  Please coordinate specific rendezvous times and places with friends and family members beforehand so that everyone has an safe, enjoyable convention experience. 

We welcome and highly encourage spectators at all game tables.  Please keep a few things in mind when watching.  The game sessions are on a clock, so extensive interruptions or questions may keep the players from finishing their game before their session ends.  Generally speaking, we love the taking and sharing of photographs on social media, but some of the players and game masters may not want to be in the photos.  Please be respectful and ask (especially if there will be a flash involved) before taking a picture of the game play, and definitely get permission before taking pictures of the game players!

All attendees that they are expected to abide by the rules of the convention, as well as any directions given by the convention organizers, and of course, by federal, state, and local laws.  We want the experience to be enjoyable by all.

Alcohol, Illegal Substances, Smoking, and Weapons

We want to remind everyone that this is a public university.  Please, NO Alcohol, Illegal Substances, Smoking, and Weapons.  Federal laws do apply.

Convention Badges

  • You need an XPupattendee badge!   Your badge serves as your ticket of admission to the convention, and it is a non-transferable and revocable license.  XPup reserves the right to terminate this license at any time, refund and attendee's admission, and require that a person leave the premise. If you lose your badge, please get a replacement from registration
  • Convention Staff (who wear red badges) also may deny you entry to the convention area or request that you leave if you are without your badge during the convention.
  • We reserve the right to bar anyone from the convention if we determine that clothing or symbols, hereafter known as regalia, worn are inappropriate for the convention. Regalia that depicts racial, ethnic, religious, sexist, or otherwise distasteful messages, shall be prohibited.  Determination that a person or person(s) is or are wearing such, shall be at the discretion of the Convention Director, XPup volunteers or selected university employees.

Regalia, Cosplay and Weapons

  • We do openly encourage those who wish to wear steampunk or engage in cosplay.  Just please be aware that the convention will be attended by people of all ages and any costumes must be appropriate for everyone, including young children.
  • Real or simulated weapons will not be permitted in the convention areas, nor will any item which in the Convention Director's judgment can present a hazard to our guests. 
  • Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement, Security Police, and Emergency Services are exempt from this policy while carrying weapons in the performance of their official duties.

Lost or Damaged Possessions

  • XPup and the University of Central Missouri assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items or possessions, including, but not limited to XPupbadges or gaming items.The Registration Desk will maintain a lost and found department.  If you find or lose any items, please notify registration personnel immediately.  Property found on the convention site at the end of the weekend will be returned to the owner if possible, with non-returnable items becoming the property of XPup. XPup strongly encourages you to leave nothing unattended.  XPup strongly encourages you to leave nothing unattended.