PLAY AND WIN!:   XPup Con has been very fortunate to receive games from Puff Duck Games, Obscure Reference Games, Overworld Games, and Mayday Games which you can win!

How it works

  • Check out the game that you wish to play from the GM running the open games / play to win games
  • You’ll have to teach yourself how to play, but after you’ve played the game and check it back in you’ll receive a ticket to go into a drawing to win the game you just played.
  • After the drawing has been made, an attempt to contact you either at the con, or by email will be made. If you retrieve the game under the guidelines established for the raffle, then the game is yours!  Congratulations! 

We're working hard to make sure we have a large list of games but at the moment we're happy to announce our first new confirmed game for 2019 will be Xenofera.  It along with others will be available to win.  We alos have Overlords of Infamy by Obscure Reference Games. Not only will you have a great chance to win a copy, but as tickets to the con are also donations to the Carter Memorial Scholastic Foundation there will also be a discount code for Obscure Reference Games available at the play to win sessions and the cheat sessions.  

Thrilled to announce that Over World Games just sent a copy of Good Cop Bad Cop and Exposed.

I've been informed that FOUR games are en route from Mayday Games!  They're sending us a copy of Nerdy Inventions, Voodoo, Mow Money and Garbage Day.  Check out their site for more!

Last year we had copies from Stonemaier Games, and we're still hoping to get some copies from them this year.  They've definitely got GREAT stuff.  Make sure to check them out!

I encourage everyone to check out their websites and their games and maybe even send them a nice "Thank you" message for how willing they are to support the gaming community and XPup!  I'm just amazed at how these businesses have stepped up to support XPup even though it's only our first year in existence!

Stay tuned for more!

Jeff Porter from Puff Duck Games just promised a copy of Xenofera and if we're lucky, there may be more!


Overlords of Infamy by Obscure Reference Games


Good Cop Bad Cop and Exposed by Over World Games 



Nerdy Inventions, Voodoo, Garbage Day and Mow Money by Mayday Games